Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spamano Obsession

(art by Yawei)
Now for a much more recent obsession of mine.
Spamano! Ever sense watching Hetalia my yaoi fangirl heart has been unstoppable, but Spamano was not nearly my first OTP of this show, that title goes to USUK. But Spamano has taken complete control over my heart for the past couple months. Romano is very much like my inner monologue and Spain's cheerfulness about everything is the outlook that i've always hoped to have. This coupled with the fact that i one day hope to live in this area of Europe and that they are two sexy, hot, and cute men with very fine butts, has them in my top 5 couples. 
This picture of them is one of my favorites; the art is gorgeous, the artist captures their personalities perfectly, and the placement of their (hopefully) date is great. They're at the bottom of the Spanish Steps in Rome. This is legitimately a place made for both of them to be. Some might say its even like Spain is always in Italy. ;)