Monday, December 17, 2012


So, the world's about to end what with your choice of disease, fire, zombies, nuclear war, and whatnot. As usual, we have other things on our mind

Have any of you ever read the Percy Jackson series? It's pretty fantastic along with the other two series that Rick Riordan is currently working on.

Anyways, Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and there is another character named Nico DiAngelo who is the son of Hades.

I was randomly talking to my friend Lena when all of the sudden we got onto the topic of Nico's attractiveness in the sense that he's dark and mysterious and has beautiful long black hair and he's pale and young and did I mention beautiful.

Well, later we (Mel & me) discovered that there is an actually legit shipping of Percy and Nico (Percico)!!!

Our day was perfect at that one point in time! The fanfics turned out to be really "detailed and interesting" for means of me not abusing the English language...

So yeah, they're great! If you want, search the web for fanfics or fan art of the two young lovers!!!

Here's some links to start out with:
- Percico Google Images
- Percico Fanfiction Google Search

And, for those with Tumblr!!!:
- Percico Tumblr Tag